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wadschier.dk   Webtrees 1.5.2
Jaconelli.dk Jamie's genealogy research shown in Kiwitrees Kiwi-webtrees 2.0.2
Familien Johnsen This page deals with ancestors and descendants in the family Johnsen and have Jamie as administrator Webtrees 1.5.3
Historic This database contains information found on the net and have Jamie as administrator Kiwi-webtrees 2.0.2
simonhollander.dk Simon Rix-Hollander has also chosen to show his ancestors and some of their descendants in webtrees Webtrees 1.4.3
fishsharebest Greg Roach webtrees site, he is one of the driving forces behind the program and also uses his own theme as standard on the site Webtrees 1.5.4 dev.
stamboomknegt Dutch site with just black theme driven by the developer of the theme JustCarmen Webtrees 1.5.3
Our-families New Zeelandsk site, run by Nigel Osborne developer Kiwi-webtrees Kiwi-webtrees 2.0.1
SlaterOnline This site is run by Neil Slater & draws from research over the past 13 years, covering family att branch back from botheration Yorkshire (UK) and Jutland (Denmark). Webtrees 1.5.4 dev.
Holmsbergs Stamtræ Mona Kjærulf Holmberg's site about her husband's family Webtrees 1.5.3
Kjærulf, Kerteminde Mona Kjærulf Holmberg's site about her own family on her father's side Webtrees 1.5.3
Rasmussen, Bernstorffsminde Mona Kjærulf Holmberg's site about her own family on her mother's side Webtrees 1.5.3
Peter Christensen which contains material I have collected during my research since 2006. I am in some cases gone a little further than our own direct lineage. Webtrees 1.5.3
Familien Ougtvig & Dyrstad   Webtrees 1.5.3
Familien Nørskov Saack   Webtrees 1.5.3
Vendelboslægter   Webtrees 1.4.3
Familierne Jensen og Bjørneboe   Webtrees 1.5.3
Andersen-Rafaelsen Slægterne   Webtrees 1.4.6
Mette Fløjborgs store slægtstræ   Webtrees 1.5.2
olderne christiansen   Webtrees 1.5.2
flemzz.dk From "Gorm den Gamle" to "Flemming" Webtrees 1.5.3
dragsbech   Webtrees 1.4.3
Torben Frederiksen's Slægt og aner   Webtrees 1.5.3
bredkjaerpedersen.dk   Webtrees 1.5.1
kislingmoller.dk Povl Kisling-Møller site about his own ancestry Kiwi-webtrees 2.0.2
Standard webtrees sites Collection of standard webtrees sites on webtrees.net
Modifyed webtrees sites Collection of modified webtrees sites on webtrees.net
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